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I am so pleased with the results of all the work you did for me. The upholstery, rugs and floor tile look very new to me! I had friends in recently and the clean grouting was immediately noticed by them. Thank you Adam; you have never disappointed me in all the years we have had you clean our floors and furniture.
Ingrid Love
Naples, Florida
I have used Urine Be Gone on several occasions- I have the powder at home for occasional messes and have also had Adam out to clean in a rental that had intense urine odors. I thought I would have to replace the carpet but it was as good as new after the cleaning. Adam also recently cleaned my leather sofa with fantastic results. This is a great product and service that is a must for any pet owner, because accidents do happen! But after Urine Be Gone, you have your house back, free from odor. Thank you!
Janet Rushin
Fort Myers, Florida
I just want to let you know that I have received your products and they work beautifully! And your customer service is awesome!
Hilda Cusson
Just wanted to let you know that the cleaning lady and I used Urine Be Gone a week ago yesterday. We applied it to 24(!) spots on the family room and back hall carpeting and found it was a two-person job. So far the stains have not re-appeared. On the whole I am very pleasantly surprised. We used just one bottle of powder; so I gave the other to Vicki in case she comes up with another client with similar problem. I would endorse recommendation of this product and your very friendly service. Thanks for all your help.
Nancy Doty
Mount Vernon, WA
We have used the urine be gone before and it's great! My husband pours a little bit in the soap/water container of our carpet cleaner and it leaves the carpets so clean and with a lovely scent. And, it's lasted us a long while. We also use it if our two dogs have little "accidents" in the house and the urine be gone cleans up the spots and no more odor!! An absolutely wonderful product.
Hilda Cusson