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Urine Removal is one of the toughest household problems. Removing the stain and odor isn’t any easier, unless you’re using the right chemical. The truth is the right chemical will do 90% of your work

  1. The right chemical will dissolve urine, stains and odors almost instantly.  (This includes new or old urine).
  2. The “Urine Removal Tool” (newly developed and patent pending) will give any household wet and dry vac (shop vac) over 20 times its original vacuum power!  Suck up the dissolved urine.
  3. Rinse with clear water, suck it up and you’re done.

Who said urine, stain, odor removal was difficult?  It’s not, when you use the right chemical and tool. The original Urine Be Gone dot com  not to be confused with Urine Gone and Urine Off.  Contact us with your urine, stain and odor removal challenge.  We’re here for you.

Most people believe all urine challenges are equal. However, cat urine, stains, and odor is the most challenging of all, due to their intense protein diet. Wild cats are more urine odor intense than domesticated cats. Dog urine is the next difficult problem. Human urine is the least challenging. Multiple urine deposits on top of each other cause a much more intense removal challenge.

Pet Odor Information

Pet Urine Information

Did you know...

A pet weighing 5 pounds will produce an average of 10 gallons of urine a year.  Stains seen on the surface of your carpet have been pulled down into the pad due to gravity, and are usually 50% larger underneath.  Many urine deposits in a confined area can lock together underneath the carpet and in the pad, giving you total urine saturation in that particular area.  Multiple deposits on top of each other not only compound the urine saturation problem but also cause multiple odors on top of each of other.

Uric salts in dry urine virtually stay moist forever.  Foot traffic over these urine deposits cause dirt to stick to these areas creating dark brown, black spots in your carpet.  Heat, humidity or unsuccessful cleaning procedures can cause the uric salts to give off an ammonia gas causing unpleasant odors.  In addition, bacteria in the carpet and pad from the urine are a health hazard.  Whether your baby crawls on the carpet or you yourself walk or lay on the carpet. Bacteria from the urine can cause watery eyes sinusitis, or trigger allergies.

So, you've tried to cover up the odor by placing plug-ins in every room.  Now your house smells like a flower garden with a flavor of urine mixed in.  This sweet smell plug-ins are a hazard to your health.  Your olfactory system is your smelling system and is triggered by an odor or smell.  The odor or smell tells your brain whether this "is" a pleasant or unpleasant odor. The problem here is that your olfactory system never shuts down as long as a smell is triggering it.  Therefore, once again, watery eyes, sinusitis and allergies may become a part of your life until these sweet smelling things are removed from your house.

Specifically dealing with urine, you have two choices to remove the urine and the uric salts.  Your first choice, you've probably already tried, if your household cleaner came from the local pet store.  This would make that cleaner an enzyme.  The enzyme's optimum cleaning ability is at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, when you purchase your product off the shelf, it was at a room temperature of 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  This already put your chemical at a below standard for giving you any kind of desired results.  Now, if you heat you enzyme product to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and apply it liberally to your carpet so that it will saturate all the way through the pad to the sub floor, the 140 degree temperature instantly drops back down to that 80 to 90 degree temperature again.  You will never achieve optimum cleaning ability with your enzyme cleaner.  In addition to the temperature being a key factor and how well the product performs, it must stay wet for a period of "36 hours".

So what is an enzyme anyway? It is a bacteria! It  also has a powerful perfume scent added to it.  The idea is that the enzyme bacteria (good bacteria) are supposed to eat up (ingest) the bad bacteria.  It come from urine, milk, or any organic substance that is fermenting over time.

 The enzyme (good bacteria) does not give consistent, complete results at any given time.  The reasons are:

1. The temperature of the enzyme drops so severely that it loses it's strength to eat up the bad bacteria.

2. The enzyme dies prematurely before it has a chance to ingest the bacteria because it is not wet and dries out 

3. Not enough of the enzyme product was used to actually overcome the bacteria.

Your second choice is to use Urine Be Gone.  It liquefies urine on contact.  Just mix it with hot tap water apply it liberally to your urine problem.  Blot it up with a towel or suck it up from your carpet and pad, upholstery or mattress with the "Urine Removal Tool".  You will be impressed!

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