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Simple Easy Steps for Urine Removal Process

INSTRUCTIONS: (Please follow simple easy instrusctions.)

Urine Be Gone Powder
  • Add 1 heaping-tablespoon of Urine Be Gone powder to your Applicator bottle filled with warm tap water from your faucet.
  • (Warm tap water activates the product more intensely for difficult stains and odors.)
  • Shake well.
  • Saturate the urine affected area.
  • Blot up with towels or use a shop vac.
  • Apply clear water as a rinse over the problem area.
  • Blot up with towels or use a shop vac. (Rinsing is very important to remove unwanted residue from the affected areas. You may need to treat and rinse more than once.)
  • If in doubt of color fastness, apply solution on hidden area of carpet.
  • Rinse and let dry. Check result for fading or bleeding.
  • Always wear eye wear and gloves when using the product.
  • First Aid: Eyes-hold open and rinse with water for 10 to 15 minutes.  If swallowed drink a glass of water. Call a doctor.

Stain Odor Remover: (It is very important to follow simple instructions in using this product.)
  • After cleaning the urine affected area with Urine Be Gone Powder, let dry for 24 hrs.
  • If stains or any odor persist, treat the problem area with the "Stain Odor Remover".
  • The product is ready to use. Just spray on spot and let it dry. 
  • Note: This product is not for wool, sisal rug or upholstery.  Use only on white carpet!
  • FYI: Multiple urine deposits in close proximity will interlock with each other. Multiple urine deposits on top of each other caused a more advanced challenge.
  • You may need to re-treat these areas with "Stain Odor Remover".

When customer puchase any of the Urine Be Gone products, easy instructions must be followed correctly.  Customers assume all responsibility for the final outcome of your carpet, etc.  Urine Be Gone is not responsible in any manner, shape or form for any damage or injury caused while using any of the Urine Be Gone products.  Customers assume total responsibility by using the product.

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