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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you accept credit cards?

2. Can I buy the product in local stores?

3. Can your product be used in carpet cleaning machine?

4. Are these products for dry stains?

5. What type of guarantee do you offer with your products?

6. Are your products safe on wool rugs?

7. Any idea how we might be able to eliminate the urine smell from Raccoon urine that was living in the roof rafter space in the house?

8.  Is the double clean wand for sale?

9. How to treat intense dog or cat urine on real wooden floors  (Laminate floors: You have to be very careful)?

10. Again, I have a new mattress that has been stained from my 3 year old.  Additionally, I have carpet stains that continue to re-appear after being cleaned.  Any advice or direction would be most appreciated.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Yes, we accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express plus PayPal for paying your purchases online. 

2. Our products are only available on our website, or you can place an order over the phone.  (Please call 1-866-874-6323).

3.  Yes, you can definitely use our product in any carpet cleaning machine. If you really want to get excellent carpet cleaning results, use our Urine Be Gone powder and Break Away (Super De-greaser) as a pre-spray.  You can then rinse with clear water in your carpet cleaning machine.  Or you can simply add the product to the water in your carpet cleaning machine and clean as normal.  However, if you pre-spray first and give the product dwell time, then rinse, you will always get a better cleaning job than simply going over the carpet with the carpet cleaning machine.

4.  Our urine removal product is extremely effective on new or old urine deposits.  Its chemical component liquefies (emulsifies) urine, stains and odors on contact.  The product can be used in 4-different ways.
A.  Mix the product up in any container using warm water (warm water activates the product faster for a more intense clean).  Pour the product directly onto the urine area. Let sit (dwell) for 3-5 minutes.  Blot up with towels.  We recommend our Urine Removal Tool which gives 20 times the vacuum of a shop vac). Now pour clear water over the same area.  Blot to suck up. Let air dry.
B.  Spray heavily using a chemical pump up sprayer.  Now follow the same blotting or sucking instructions describe in Instructions A.
C.  Use a chemical pump up spray to heavily pre-treat urine affected areas.  Using your home cleaning machine, rinse with clear water and suck up.
D.  Using you home cleaning machine, add the Urine Be Gone powder into the water.  Pre-treat affected urine areas and suck up. 
The best methods are A, using the Urine Removal Tool along with a shop vac or C.  Please understand, high vacuum power is very important in removing liquefied urine, stains and odors.  Using rinse water will help remove liquefied residue left in the carpet and pad to ensure that a stain or odor or both do not appear in the surface after the drying process is complete.

5.  We have 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the results after using any of our products, simply return the unused portion in the original container and we will give you the cost of the product less re-stocking and processing fees.

6. The Odor Remover product is safe on every material that can handle moisture.  In most instances, the Urine Be Gone product is safe on wool fabric (not recommended for silk or sisal rugs). When using on wool, use warm water to dilute and follow application instructions at the bottom of the bottle.  The Stain Removal product is safe to use on all synthetic fabrics.  Use only on white or off-white wool rugs.  Not recommended for sisal (rope) and silk rugs.  Always pre-test chemical products on hidden areas of fabric. Follow application instructions on the bottle.

7. You must first eliminate any insulation that the urine has saturated into.  Take our Urine Be Gone Powder product and mix it up in a chemical pump up sprayer which can be purchased at any hardware store. Liberally spray down the urine affected area.  Let air dry and your problem should be solved.

8. The double clean wand is no longer available for sale.

9.  A. Completely saturate the urine affected areas.  Let sit for 3-5 minute so the product can follow the pattern of the urine. 
B. Using a sponge mop, mop the affected areas thoroughly with clear water.  This is your rinse. You may have to change your mop bucket water many times to keep it as clean as possible. If you mop with dirty rinse water, it will only worsen the problem and spread the urine.  You may have to do the entire process 2 or 3 times to alleviate the majority of the stains and odors.  From what you have told me, it is evident that the urine has saturated between the boards and probably under and into the baseboard.
C. After a couple of days when the floor has fully dried (with air movers), you will now spray our Stain/Odor Remover heavily onto the same areas you've already treated.
D. Let the floor dry for a couple of days and then proceed with removing the baseboards and sanding down your floor.
E. You will want to somehow seal the wood to lock in any deep seated odors which you may not have been able to get to.

Treating Laminate floors is different.  You can not saturate the urine affected areas on your laminate floors, because it will ruin your floors. What you can do is mix the product as instructed.  Use a sponge or microfiber mop to mop those areas. And when you're done with the cleaning process, make sure that you have wiped off all of the moisture from your laminate floors.


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