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Double Clean Replacement Head

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Comparison Table:  The "DOUBLE CLEAN" Carpet Wand



Carpet Cleaning Wands Titanium   Generic Stainless Steel  Prochem High Pressure  DOUBLE CLEAN * 
  Carpet Wand Carpet Wand (2") (4-jets) "S" Wand  CARPET WAND  (Patent Pending)
  $1,295.00  (2-jets)  $239.00 $690.00 $899.00
Cleans Forward & Backward/saves operator energy       X
Allows More Work in a day       X
Saves 30% in labor, worker's comp, unemployment       X
Saves 30% in Fuel usage       X
Adjust to height of operator       X
Comfortable Handle/less stress on hands       X
Swivel Head/easy to use in closets/tight corners       X
Low Profile Head X   X X
Wand lays flat to get under beds/furniture       X
30% Less Weight Wands X     X
Heavy & Bulky Wands   X X  
Easily Glides over Carpet Surface       X
Extreme Vacuum Power       X
Carpet usually dries in 2-hrs or less       X
No Over Wetting guaranteed       X
Instant Water Removal / Floods       X
Urine, stain, odor removal guaranteed       X
Flushes out deep down stains/dirt       X
Easily cleans stairs       X
Truckmount or Portables X X   X
Lowest Price / Top Quality       X
High Pressure Jets X   X  
Any Pressure 100-1200 PSI   X   X
Blasts Dirt Deeper X X X  
Stainless Steel / Metal Alloy  X X X  
High Grade Nylon/Plastic       X

“Double Clean Carpet Wand”


  1. Efficiently cleans carpet in the forward and backward motion.  Easily saves 30% in time on every job.
  2. The design greatly enhances vacuum (suction) power but easily glides over the carpet.  Carpets usually dry in 2 hours or less.
  3. The 12” wide cleaning head swivels 45 degree in each direction so the handle can lay totally flat and cleaning can be done under beds.  The swivel head makes cleaning easier in tight areas.
  4. The knuckle joint in the wand allows any height of person to easily adjust the wand handle to a comfortable height.
  5. The cleaning head is low profile to fit under furniture and counters.
  6. The cleaning head flushes out stains, dirt and old chemical residue.
  7. The cleaning head will eventually wear down. (All carpet wands wear down, even stainless steel).  So, replacement heads are available at a fair price.
  8. The operator can’t over wet the carpet during the cleaning process.
  9. This “Double Clean Wand” is so light weight that it puts (a $1200.00 “Titanium Wand” to a test, and our wand is really inexpensive!
  10. Our handle is comfortable and causes less fatigue.
  11. Great for small water removal problems and leaves carpet drier.

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