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Our goal is to create the best, most effective urine, stain and odor removal chemicals possible.  In addition, we have invented tools to aid you in your urine removal problems.  These urine removal tools are extremely effective when used with our specific urine removal chemicals. Most people believe all urine challenges are equal.  However, cat urine, stains, and odor is the most challenging of all, due to their intense protein diet.  Wild cats are more urine odor intense than domesticated cats. Dog urine is the next difficult problem.  Human urine is the least challenging. Multiple urine deposits on top of each other cause a much more intense removal challenge. We can help you.

In 1985, Adam Kayler joined the carpet cleaning forces in America (now approximately 58,000 strong throughout America).  At that time the carpet cleaning industry standards were to specialize in one specific field.  The following year, the carpet cleaning standard was to generalize in as many areas as possible.  This generalization period lasted about 3 years.  During this time Adam excelled in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, drapery cleaning, restorative dye work, odor removal as well as flood restoration.  Adam became very proficient and certified in all these areas.  Again, the industry standard changed to specialization.

Throughout the years, Adam has restored thousands of carpets and upholstered pieces which normally would have been thrown out.  During the years the carpet industry was able to overcome every major cleaning challenge except urine, stain ad odor removal.  The industry standard was once taught as an "odor removal" class.  Many years ago the standard changed to "odor control".  Today this is similar to a pest control company.  They simply can't guarantee removal; therefore they are only a "control company".  This means that you the customer are paying good money for a service which can't guarantee exact results.

Mr. Kayler knew there had to be a better way than leaving the customer's house with a continuing odor problem.  Eight years ago, he worked with four different chemists, trying to find a solution to offer his customer's a written guarantee that the urine, stains and odor was totally removed and would not come back. Each year Mr. Kayler has had his formula tested and upgraded to bring to the industry the finest cleaning chemicals.

In addition, during these past eight years, Mr. Kayler has worked on developing specialized cleaning tools for the carpet cleaning industry and homeowners.  He has personally invented seven cleaning tools, two of which have a patent pending status.  Two of these tools are used during the urine, stain and odor removal process.  These cleaning products and tools have been developed because nothing else in the industry or market place was working well.  We offer you the same product that is used day in and day out in his carpet cleaning restoration business.  We are not just another marketing company that has a spray bottle with soap and enzymes.  Our product really works! 

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